Type of Company

At first glance, results suggest that most participants work at startups and late-stage tech companies (40% combined). But when you add freelancers to those who work at small and large studios/agencies, the total number of designers working in services comes to almost half. Design is still very much a client-driven business, it seems.

What kind of company do you work for?

  • 22% Studio/Agency (Fewer than 50)
  • 21% Technology (Late Stage)
  • 18% Startup (Early Stage)
  • 18% Freelancer
  • 9% Other
  • 7% Studio/Agency (More than 50)
  • 5% Media

These patterns remain mostly consistent when viewed by participants’ countries of origin.

  • Freelancer
  • Media
  • Startup
  • Studio/Agency (fewer than 50)
  • Studio/Agency (more than 50)
  • Technology
  • Other






Rest of World

How many people at your company do design?