2015 Subtraction.com Design Tools Survey

The Tools Designers
Are Using Today

Welcome to the first annual Subtraction.com Design Tools Survey.

Just a decade ago, competition among the tools for digital designers was muted, at best. Today new applications and utilities debut seemingly every other week. This survey’s goal is to capture a snapshot of this changing marketplace, to identify the current leaders, and hopefully to shed light on up and comers.

The survey questions were released online in June of this year for roughly two weeks via a Typeform-powered questionnaire. Answers rolled in from over 4,000 participants hailing from almost 200 countries. The results range from expected to surprising, but I think you’ll agree that they all shed an illuminating light on what has become a very, very interesting market.

—Khoi Vinh, September 10, 2015


Favorite Tools

The heart of the survey asked participants to report on their favorite tools for each of six major design tasks.


The Ultimate Designer’s Toolbox

These six tools ranked first in their respective major categories

Brainstorming & Ideation:
Pencil and Paper


Who Participated?

We received answers from over 4,000 participants from 196 countries. Though the most answers came from the United States, answers from around the globe produced some interesting and unexpected takeaways.

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